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i think broken people love the deepest

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don’t worry i wouldn’t care about me either

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phone calls are the most terrifying thing in the world

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  • social anxiety: you want to skype someone? hahaha yeah right
  • social anxiety: you need to make a phone call? nah.
  • social anxiety: you want to go out with friends? lol nope.
  • social anxiety: need to ask a stranger something? hahah no.
  • social anxiety: trying to buy something by yourself? I don't think so.
  • social anxiety: surrounded by strangers? good luck breathing.
  • social anxiety: in a group? aww let me make you feel unwanted and sad.

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Silence is the loudest cry for help
I no longer know if I wish to drown myself in love, vodka or the sea. Grantaire, Book V (via halluzinogen)

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